Max Niederle ('Nee-der-lee)

Multi-instrumentalist: Piano, Sax, Clarinet
Services: Soundtracks, Arranging/Performing (live and studio), Private lessons.

505 Stacy Square Terrace
Nashville, TN  37221

(615) 430-8483

"Fugue for Strings":

3 pieces for piano:


Three pieces for Strings:

"Blue Afternoon":  

A few guitar samples from a movie soundtrack. The emotions from the script were of nostalgia, tenderness, and mystery:
"the mystery":  
"the lonely ride":  
"a day in the country":  

Here's a clip from another movie. The raunchy lead character is chasing a friend who's been illegally filming a movie in a movie theater.
"The Chase":  

Piano rough cuts of a few of my songs:

"Brooder's Rumba":  
"Back to My Dreaming":  

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